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MLRS: Better NSN for Dash Wiring Harness
By | Feb. 22, 2024
There’s an NSN for the MLRS dash wiring harness that doesn’t require modification. Keep reading for more info...

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MLRS: PMCS Multiplies Performance
By | Nov. 17, 2021
(UDPATED: 11/17/2021) Dear Editor, while I was reading Pages 36-38 of PS 769 (Dec 16), I noticed some out-of-date information. The lubricant has changed and there’s a new TM number along with a few other things. Is it...

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HIMARS & MLRS: There’s an Approved Alternative CLP
By | March 24, 2021
HIMARS and MLRS operators and mechanics, don’t order the cleaner, lubricant and preservative (CLP), NSN 9150-01-509-2615, that’s listed in TM 9-1055-1646-13&P (Jun 20). Here's what to do instead...

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MLRS: Don’t Let the Cold Weather Stop You in Your Tracks
By | Feb. 4, 2021
Dear Editor, Winter is here and we need to get the word out about cold weather operations and snow and ice removal from the MLRS load module (LM). Snow and ice buildup can interfere with system operation, so Soldiers need to...

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MLRS: EM 0208 Is Missing Some PMCS Steps
By | Dec. 8, 2020
Operators, have you looked at TM 9-1055-647-13&P (IETM EM 0208, Jun 20) and noticed the quarterly, semiannual and annual maintenance steps are missing? Here’s why...

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MLRS: Need the APU Filter Element?
By | Dec. 3, 2020
If you’re looking for the APU filter element NSN for your MLRS in Item 66 of Fig 130 in TM 9-2350-420-13&P (May 18), it’s missing. So if you need to order the filter element, use NSN 4130-01-476-2341...

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MLRS: Degree of Slope Does Matter
By | Nov. 4, 2020
Don’t wait ‘til you’re at a live-fire exercise to learn critical lessons. Here’s what you should already know. During loading operations it’s important to park the launcher on level ground +/- 5 degrees (+/- 89 mils) or less...

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MLRS: Don’t Select Override Before You Verify
By | July 13, 2020
Dear Editor, Some MLRS crews are making a big mistake during operations. They’re selecting the OVERRIDE Programmable Function Key (PFK) when a warning is displayed on the Gunner Display Unit (GDU) without first verifying the...

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HIMARS and MLRS: Corrosion Prevention Products
By | June 16, 2020
Soldiers, your HIMARS and MLRS need protection from corrosion. Try protecting them with some of these products. They’re approved for use in preventing corrosion on your unit’s HIMARS and MLRS...

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HIMARS/MLRS: Connect to Cable Connector PM
By | Feb. 4, 2020
This article initially appeared in Issue PS 792, pages 44-45. HIMARS and M270A1 MLRS rocket exhaust can do a real number on the cable connectors. The exhaust is extremely corrosive. If it’s allowed to do its worst, you’ll...

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MLRS: Don’t Forget Safety When Doing PM
By | Dec. 16, 2019
Following the guidance in this article can save lives! Crewmen, here are a few important safety tips to keep in mind when doing PMCS on your MLRS. Read and heed!...