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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | June 16, 2020

HIMARS and MLRS: Corrosion Prevention Products

65th FAB and Kuwait Land Forces Train On Rocket Systems
Photo by Sgt. James Larimer

Your HIMARS and MLRS need protection from corrosion. Try protecting them with some of these products. They’re approved for use in preventing corrosion on your unit’s HIMARS and MLRS.
Corrosion Preventive Compounds
Item NSN
Rust inhibiting compound (RIC) 8030-01-414-8947
Rust inhibiting compound, T-32CP90S6 8030-01-414-7423
MIL-PRF-16173 class II, grade 4 8030-00-903-0931
Solvent cutback, cold-application 8030-00-062-5866
Water displacing, type I, class 2 8030-00-213-3279
Water displacing, type II, class 2 8030-00-938-1947
Water displacing, type III, class 2 8030-00-546-8637
Corrosion preventive lubricant and penetrant 8030-01-387-1131
Corrosion inhibiting lubricant 9150-01-360-1906
Vapor corrosion inhibitors foam tape 6850-01-338-1392
The GSA catalog is another source for purchasing corrosion prevention products. Just search for corrosion lubricants and corrosion inhibitors.

And you can get the one-step rust converter, another Army-authorized rust remover, using the following info: NSN/LSN 6850-HM-CA7-2016, PN 5235764, Safety Data Sheet 478923 (Red River Army Depot, Texarkana, TX), Manufacturer 3M.
Don’t forget to also use tarp covers for corrosion protection. Order covers for the HIMARS with this info:
Item NSN
Tarpaulin, cotton (HIMARS LLM cover) 8340-00-841-6455
Cover, protective (HIMARS LLM cover - green) 1055-01-589-7376
Tarpaulin, cotton (HIMARS LLM cover - tan) 1055-01-598-5331
Cover, vehicular components (RSV crane cover) 2590-01-675-7030
The protective cover for your MLRS comes with NSN 1055-01-631-3261. 
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