NEWS | Nov. 4, 2020

MLRS: Degree of Slope Does Matter

Photo courtesy of CW2 Justin Hatch

Don’t wait ‘til you’re at a live-fire exercise to learn critical lessons. Here’s what you should already know.
During loading operations it’s important to park the launcher on level ground +/- 5 degrees (+/- 89 mils) or less. If not, the boom may fail to retract when you try to load a pod.
MLRS ready to load rockets
Proper loading position

The only way to complete the reload operation is to reposition the MLRS on level ground. Check out WP 0046 of TM 9-1055-647-13&P (EM 0208, Jun 20) for instructions.
It’s a good idea for leaders to talk with the ammo platoon and remind them about the degree of slope requirements. Then when they select the location for the ammunition holding area (AHA), the MLRS will be able to load without any problems.

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