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M1270 MMPV: Transmission Fluid NSNs
By | Feb. 13, 2023
Use only TES-295 transmission fluid in the M1270 MMPV. And don’t mix with other fluids if you want to avoid performance problems. Read on to get NSN info and more...

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M1270 MMPV: Easily Access Slave Receptacle
By | June 30, 2022
Dear Editor, my shop discovered a problem with the M1270 MMPVs that are equipped with the interrogation arm enabler system. The problem is that the access door to the slave receptacle hits the system’s hydraulic motor. Here's...

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M1270 MMPV: Be a Hero and Don’t Zero!
By | April 28, 2021
Operators, zero is normally a good thing, like when it comes to your weapons or your radios. Zero isn’t a good thing when it comes to your M1270 MMPV’s multi-functional video display (MVD). For more info read on...

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M1142 TFFT: Don’t Get Left in the Cold
By | Nov. 17, 2020
If you have an M1142 Tactical Fire Fighting Truck (TFFT), listen up! TFFTs need your special attention when it gets cold outside because they’re highly vulnerable to problems like frozen valves, drains and tanks. These trucks...