NEWS | April 28, 2021

M1270 MMPV: Be a Hero and Don’t Zero!

M1270 MMPV
M1270 MMPV (courtesy photo)
Operators, zeroing is normally a good thing, like when it comes to your weapons or your radios. Zeroing isn’t a good thing when it comes to your M1270 MMPV’s multi-functional video display (MVD).
Swing-mounted MVD inside truck
Swing-mounted MVD inside truck
The MVD is swing-mounted on your dash and it has a button that you don’t want to push. That’s the zero button. It’s the button covered with a spring-loaded cap. By lifting the cap and pushing the zero button you’ll go from hero to zero!
Don't push the Zero button on your swing-mounted MVD

For more information about the zero button, its function and when to use it, have your CAC handy and go to this link:
If you’ve got questions or need more info about the MVD or zero button, contact Mr. Steve Juncaj: