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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | March 8, 2024

JLTV A1 FOV: Inspect Tow Eyes for Cracks NOW!

BLUF: Immediately and visually inspect your JLTV A1’s front tow eyes for cracks per TACOM SOUM 23-002, and don’t use the tow eyes if they’re cracked.

Photo by Sean Kimmons

Warfighters, TACOM’s safety of use message (SOUM) 23-002 was issued because cracks have been found on the front tow eyes of some JLTV A1s. The cracks could cause the tow eyes to fail and become detached during:
  • tiedown
  • sling load or lift
  • maintenance lift using JLTV jack stands
  • winch or tow/lift for recovery, including self-recovery.
A tow eye failure could potentially cause a fatal accident.
You’ll need to visually inspect the front tow eyes of all JLTV A1s in accordance with TACOM SOUM 23-002. Prior to the visual inspection, make sure the front of your JLTV is clean and free of dirt and debris.
Until this initial inspection is completed, do not use any vehicle that requires the use of the front tow eyes.
If you discover a crack or cracks, the vehicle is considered not mission capable (NMC) according to WP 1291 of TM 9-2320-452-23&P (Feb 19), and you’ll need to submit a product quality deficiency report (PQDR) for that vehicle.
If you have multiple JLTVs with tow eye cracks, you must submit a PQDR for each vehicle. Each cracked tow eye will be painted yellow for identification of restricted use. For more info and the painting instructions, see the attachments in Para 5b of the SOUM.
You can view TACOM SOUM 23-002 HERE.
Keep in mind that per AR 750-1, Army Materiel Maintenance Policy, faults that render equipment NMC require immediate correction or authorization for limited operation using Circle X status condition. Commanders have the option to use Circle X status condition to limit vehicle operations by restricting use from operations that require the use of front tow eyes. This includes tiedown, sling/lift, maintenance lift using JLTV jack stands, winching or tow/lift for recovery, including self-recovery.
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