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NEWS | Feb. 28, 2024

Apache: Storage Boards Can Help Keep Parts Accountability

BLUF:  While not mandatory, hardware storage boards can help units maintain parts accountability during disassembly and reassembly.

Storage board case for Apache helocopter.
Photo courtesy Bolt Byte Tools

This article initially appeared in PS 781 (Dec 17) pages 19-21.
Mechanics, whenever parts are removed from an Apache for maintenance or an aircraft is disassembled for shipment, the standard has always been to bag and tag each part. That should make for easier reinstallation.  
But while bagging and tagging isn’t new, it’s seldom free of complications. It can be a tedious effort to figure out where everything goes during reinstallation, especially if the maintainers responsible don’t do everything just right. It gets even worse when parts are removed by one group and reinstalled by another. Parts get lost, misplaced, or put in coffee cans and it’s a real nightmare figuring out where everything goes. The boards help keep track of where everything goes and it lot more efficient than bagging and tagging.
There’s a better option! Hardware storage board kits, which help control FOD, are available. The boards allow you to place aircraft parts and hardware on color-coded boards that include pictures to match the actual components on the helicopter. Boards are available for each aircraft section such as the drive shaft.
Example hardware storage board

Example hardware storage boards
Example hardware storage boards
The hardware storage board kits are a good alternative to bagging and tagging and keep parts from getting lost. If one group removes parts, another group can reinstall them without a hitch. They also provide safety and control FOD and the loss of hardware. The kits store hardware when doing phase inspections and maintenance until the time of reinstallation.

The storage board kit can be ordered with NSN 8145-01-660-1406.
Use of the hardware storage board kit isn’t mandatory and there are no plans for Army-wide fielding. Purchasing the kits is the unit’s responsibility, so get your CO’s approval before ordering.

Place storage boards in container until parts are reinstalled.
Place storage boards in container until parts are reinstalled

Use of storage boards as an alternative is a good way to keep track of parts and hardware for reinstallation.
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