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NEWS | Feb. 15, 2024

ROWPU: Sound Controlling Blanket Insulation Sleeve Replacement Unnecessary

BLUF: The sound controlling blanket insulation sleeves in the ROWPU, Model No. WTA-060, NSN 4610-01-219-8707, and Model ROWPU-1, NSN 4610-01-371-1790, don’t need to be replaced if damaged or missing.

Soldiers setting up ROWPU
Courtesy photo
The Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit (ROWPU), Model No. WTA-060, NSN 4610-01-219-8707, and Model ROWPU-1, NSN 4610-01-371-1790, have sound controlling blanket insulation sleeves. Units have asked if the insulation needs to be replaced if it’s damaged or missing.

The quick answer is NO. Here’s the reason:.

The sole purpose of the insulation sleeves is to dampen sound from the operation of the ROWPU. Sound controlling blanket insulating sleeves don’t need to be replaced if they’re damaged or missing. Also, if the insulation sleeves are missing or damaged, it doesn’t make the ROWPU non-mission capable (NMC). If the insulation sleeves are in working order, then they don’t need to be removed or discarded. 

For a visual reference, see Items 1-21 on Page 0071 00 of TM 10-4610-232-24P (Jan 07, w/Ch2, Aug 09) or the details below:

Parts and location of ROWPU insulating sleeves
Parts and location of insulating sleeves

ROWPU RPSTL excerpt for insulating sleeves

RPSTL excerpt for insulating sleeves
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