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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | Dec. 19, 2023

M113-Series FOV: Drain Away Hull Rust Problems

BLUF: Open the drain plugs on your M113-series carrier to avoid rust problems

Soldiers maneuver a M113A3 armored personnel carrier
Photo by Spc. Richard Trinh
This article initially appeared in PS 738 (May 14), p. 4

Crewmen, water in the hull of your M113-series vehicle can dampen its ability to complete missions.
Whether from rain or washing your vehicle, water rusts the fuel line and ramp pump fittings under the floor plates. Before you know it, leaks spring up and your vehicle is down for the count!
Luckily, damage like that is really easy to avoid. There are three hull drain plugs, NSN 2590-00-299-0739, on the bottom of your vehicle— two at the front and one at the back. Just open the plugs and your water woes will drain away. Make sure that you replace the plugs when the hull has drained.
Be sure to follow your unit’s SOP on where to drain the hull—most likely at the wash rack—since the water is sure to be contaminated with fuel, oil, hydraulic fluid or other
materials that are considered hazardous waste. You might be able to use drip pans if the water level is low. Just make sure to dispose of the wastewater properly.
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