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NEWS | Dec. 10, 2023

AGSE: AGPU Hydraulic Hose Adapter Assemblies - New NSNs

BLUF: Order AGPU hydraulic hose adapter assemblies so that DLA can establish demand to initiate sourcing and requisition fulfillment.

Soldiers performing maintenance on an AGPU.
Photo by Abraham Essenmacher
Mechanics, the aviation ground power unit (AGPU) which is listed in TM 1-1730-229-24P (Jan 16) now has NSNs for the hydraulic hose adapter assemblies. You can order the complete hose adapter assemblies with both hoses and adapters.

Here are the NSNs.
Item NSN 4710- Size
Low pressure hose adapter assembly 01-714-2308 2 feet
High pressure hose adapter assembly 01-714-2048 2 feet
High pressure hose adapter assembly 01-714-2032 10 feet
High pressure hose adapter assembly 01-714-2761 30 feet
Low pressure hose adapter assembly 01-714-2310 10 feet
Low pressure hose adapter assembly 01-715-1326 30 feet
The updated NSNs provide several benefits for AGPU maintenance in the field, to include:
  1. The complete assemblies ensure you have all the required components in one package.
  2. Hydraulic hoses have a five-year service life. Replacing the entire assembly at the designated interval helps maintain optimal performance and reduces the risk of hydraulic fluid contamination.
  3. Replacing the entire hose adapter assembly minimizes the chances of hydraulic fluid contamination during the replacement process. This helps maintain the integrity of the hydraulic system and ensures smooth operations.
As with any newly-provisioned item, DLA needs orders to establish demand and facilitate sourcing and requisition fulfillment. So, as needed, start ordering these complete assemblies rather than just the hoses.
Editor’s note: Thanks to Mr. Aaron Scripture for his help with this article.
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