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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | Oct. 31, 2023

M113-Series FOV: Chock it Up to Being Ready

BLUF: Use chock blocks when disconnecting the final drives on an M113-series vehicle
Soldiers attached to 1st Battalion of the 4th Infantry Regiment maneuver a M113A3 during Combined Resolve XI
Photo by Spc. Richard Trinh
This article initially appeared in PS 678 (May 09), p. 4
Mechanics, when you remove the powerpack on an M113-series vehicle, you’ll feel mighty foolish if the carrier goes rolling off across the motorpool.
Once you disconnect the final drives, that vehicle is free to go where gravity takes it. And a free-rolling vehicle is bad news for everybody and every thing that stands in its way!
Head off serious injury to others and damage to the vehicle by always chocking both tracks. Here’s how:
  • Make sure the vehicle is on a hard, level surface to lessen the chance of rolling. That also lowers the risk of damage to the hull and powerpack when you lift it out.
  • Slide a block of wood or other suitable object between the track guides and roadwheels. Make sure the chock block extends the full width between both roadwheels. 
Just don’t forget to remove the chock blocks once the powerpack is reinstalled. Otherwise, your next repair job will be to the tracks!
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