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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | Oct. 4, 2023

AN/PSQ-40 ENVG III: When to Involve RSC for Repairs

BLUF: AN/PSQ-40 ENVG III repairs above the operator/crew level must be completed by an RSC.

Soldier seen in night vision

Photo by Sgt. Sarah Sangster

Soldiers, got a cracked lens in your AN/PSQ-40 enhanced night vision goggle (ENVG) III or your system won’t power on? Some common faults can be corrected by local troubleshooting tasks, such as cleaning electrical contacts or performing image adjustments, but if you have a cracked lens or other major issues that need repair above the operator/crew level, note that those repairs must be done at the regional support center (RSC) in Ft Liberty, North Carolina. [While there are other RSCs, this is the only one performing these higher-level repairs.]



For RSC Ft Liberty support, contact Homer (Trey) Baugh at:

There's an exception to this process: Failed systems or components can be handled by direct exchange at the RSCs located at JBLM and Hawaii.  

If a field service representative (FSR) supports your unit, the FSR can assist in fault verification and turn-in of systems or components to the supporting maintenance activity.

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