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NEWS | Aug. 1, 2023

DAGR: Long-term Storage and Disposition

BLUF: The DAGR has special handling instructions for long-term storage, turn-in or repair and disposal.

Soldiers using DAGR
Photo by Sgt. Shawn Keeton
The Defense Advanced GPS Receivers (DAGRs) give Soldiers a distinct advantage in the field. But they also have specific handling instructions.
Long-Term Storage
Remove both the memory battery and primary batteries before storing the DAGR for a period of 30 days or more or storing the DAGR below -32 °C (-26 °F). After primary batteries are removed, immediately reinstall the empty primary battery pack to protect and seal the DAGR from moisture. Similarly, after removal of the memory battery, immediately reinstall the memory battery cover to protect and seal the DAGR.
Removing batteries before storing the DAGR for 30 days or more can prevent possible damage from battery chemical leakage. Removing batteries before storing the DAGR below its -32 °C (-26 °F) minimum operating temperature prevents possible memory data corruption, which degrades DAGR performance. Removing all batteries also returns the DAGR to its default settings.
Turn-In, Disposal, Repair
Don’t turn in DAGRs to DLA or to BAE Systems.

Instead, contact Lisa White for all DAGR dispositions at:
Editor's note: Thanks to PM-PNT Joint Sustainment Activity for assistance with this article.
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