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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | Aug. 1, 2023

Apache: Check Fuel Manifold Cover Latch Rivets

BLUF:  Inspect fuel manifold cover latch rivets for proper installation like it says in aviation maintenance action message H-64-23-AMAM-12.

Soldiers of 2-6 Calvary Squadron, 25th Combat Aviation Brigade were afforded an opportunity of an orientation AH-64D Apache flight
Photo by Sgt. Sarah Sangster
The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for the Apache reported that the fuel manifold panel (R180) latches had rivets improperly installed during manufacturing.
Aviation maintenance action message H-64-23-AMAM-12 (includes a required addendum) requires a one-time inspection to determine if the fuel manifold cover latch rivets are properly installed or require replacement. For reporting purposes, final compliance reports must be submitted by 11 Oct 23. During the inspection, if one or more rivets aren’t installed correctly, the unit must report “fail.” A “pass” is when all the rivets are installed correctly.   

Inspect fuel manifold panel for improperly installed rivets
Inspect fuel manifold panel for improperly installed rivets
You can view and download the AMAM and its addendum HERE, with your CAC in hand. Click on Consolidated Listings, select Aviation as the Record Type, H-64 as System Type and AMAM as Message Type. Then click Search. Results are listed in chronological order.
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