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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | July 25, 2023

Apache: Generator is Heavier Than You Think

BLUF:  The Apache generator is heavy so always use tool kit, NSN 5180-01-508-5887 when installing or removing the generator.

A Soldier installs a generator on an AH-64 Apache helicopter
Photo by Sgt. Savannah Roy

This article initially appeared in PS 708 (Nov 11), p. 25.
Even though you’re all you can be, don’t underestimate the weight of the AH-64D/E generator.

When it’s time to remove or install the generator from the transmission for testing, repairs or replacement, always use the generator installation/removal tool kit, NSN 5180-01-508-5887, to avoid damaging the generator shaft, bearings or the spline adapter.
The generator is very heavy. Trying to muscle it out without the tool is not as easy you think. It takes two to do the job. The generator should not be removed or installed without the tool kit. Even if you somehow remove it yourself, it must be supported, and your strength alone is not enough.

Apache generator before removal
Apache generator before removal

Removing and then carefully pulling the 53-lb generator away from the transmission without the kit puts undue pressure on the generator shaft and bearings no matter how careful you are.
Without the kit attached to the generator, you could bend or warp the shaft, damaging the generator seal and housing and the inner components of the transmission. If this happens, it throws the generator and transmission out of tolerance, causing premature failure of the generator. Then you have to replace the generator spline adapter.
For the D/E model generator, check out TM 1-1520-Longbow/Apache (Mar 23), which can be found on the LDAC ETM/IETM site HERE (you'll need your CAC).
Editor’s note: This article has been updated from the original to bring it current and for accuracy and clarity.
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