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NEWS | July 13, 2023

MEDEVAC: Discharge Cable Helps with Static Electricity

BLUF: Using a static discharge cable during MEDEVAC hoist operations can lessen the negative effects of static electricity.

Soldiers performing hoist training on MEDEVAC helicopter
Photo by Staff Sgt. Jaylen Molden
Crews, lots of questions have come into PD MEDEVAC about guidance or options to prevent the effects of static electricity during hoist operations, even though it’s a common occurrence.
To decrease the possibility of static electricity, you can use a static discharge cable as specified in the Army aviation rescue hoist standard operating procedure (SOP). All the details on the static discharge cable are in the May-June Utility Helicopter Newsletter, excerpted HERE.
Cable hangs below the crewman and discharges static electricity to the ground
Cable hangs below the crewman and discharges static electricity to the ground

If you have any questions regarding the static discharge cable, contact these PD MEDEVAC POCs:
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