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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | June 28, 2023

Chinook: Cockpit Center Console Work Platform

BLUF:  Use this unit-constructed work platform to protect Chinook center console components from damage. 
Chinook preparing to pick up an aircraft for delivery.
This article initially appeared in PS 678 (May 09), pp. 38-39.

Dear Editor,
Our maintenance personnel are working hard to prepare, maintain and repair our CH-47F model Chinooks. Our biggest issues is protecting the center console while working in the cockpit.  
We tried using piles of cushion on the center console in an effort to protect the radios and other equipment. But we still managed to damage electronics and other center console components.
To prevent damage, we developed a cockpit work stand. It fits over the center console and protects the console from knees, dropped tools and swift kicks. The stand also provides a more comfortable work area.
We make the stand from bench stock items found in the shop. Using the diagram below, anyone can make it. Of course, all the items in the diagram can be substituted as required, while keeping the basic dimensions.
Unit-fabricated work stand to protect Chinook center console
Unit-fabricated work stand to protect Chinook center console

Place stand over console when working in cockpit
Place stand over console when working in cockpit

Editor’s Note: Good Job, Soldier!  Sometimes PM requires taking a little initiative to solve a problem.

* Minor changes were made to the original article for clarity and accuracy.
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