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NEWS | June 28, 2023

Aviation Publications: Fuel Cell Corrosion Inspection WP

BLUF: Step Six (6) to the fuel cell corrosion inspection work package has changed and needs to be uploaded to IADS.

PVT Tyler Shulark, a National Guard student training to be a 94E Radio Equipment Repairer is disassembling an RT-1523F and locating each circuit card assembly in the TM.
Photo by Aungel Terrangi
Mechanics, the fuel cell corrosion inspection that takes place every 48 months has a change in step six (6) of the relevant work packages (WPs) for TM 1-1520-237-23&P (Apr 23) and TM 1-1520-246-23&P (Apr 23). You can view these changes by clicking on the image below.

Click on image above to open PDF
Click on image above to open PDF
Note that there is no longer a requirement to use a borescope with the ability to apply corrosion preventive compound (CPC) during the 48-month fuel cell corrosion inspection.
The change in each TM should be uploaded to IADs in accordance with the instructions in Aviation Maintenance Action Message (AMAM) GEN-20-AMAM-04 (Posting Electronic Changes) until its published in an upcoming manual release. The AMAM explains the step-by-step process for posting electronic changes in IADS until the TM’s next official release.
You can view and download the AMAM HERE, with your CAC in hand. Click on Consolidated Listings, select Aviation as the Record Type, GEN as System Type and AMAM as Message Type. Then click Search. Results are listed in chronological order.
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