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NEWS | June 26, 2023

Packaging: Turn-In AFES Bottles Correctly

BLUF: There is a safe way to return pressurized AFES bottles, but only if the proper steps are taken.

Soldier inspects a fire extinguisher.
Photo by Spc. Elorina Charles
Dear Editor,

I frequently deal with Supply Support Activities (SSAs) telling units to DEMIL, discharge or remove the tops of Automatic Fire Extinguisher Systems (AFES) before turning them in. Fortunately, most maintainers don’t attempt this. If they do, they end up stuck with unserviceable bottles and become delinquent on recoverable turn-ins. But pressurized AFES bottles are recoverable and repairable at depot level if they are packaged properly.
Return AFES bottles to SSA with the following:
  • The expansion plug or safety cap installed.
  • The lock pin or safety pin installed.
  • The original packaging.
  • The packaging support inserts.
Ensure the AFES is right-side up in the package.

If the original package or support inserts aren’t available, recreate each as necessary. For questions related to packaging, contact the ASC Packaging, Storage and Containerization Center (PSCC) HERE.

Rex Frazier
Maintenance Management Division
G4, 11th Airborne Division
US Army Alaska 
Editor’s Note: Mr. Frazier, thanks for tip on how to safely return AFES bottles.
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