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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | June 8, 2023

Half-Mast Sends: The Long, Hot Summer

BLUF: Soldiers and equipment alike need to be prepared for summer’s challenges.

Summer heat can affect equipment and personnel readiness
Photo by Spc. Charles Probst
This article initially appeared in PS 764, p. 1 (Jul 16).

You know it’s that time of year again when you see heat waves shimmering off the pavement. The days are getting longer and oh so hot.

Many a Soldier has been surprised by summer’s intensity. Sometimes heat attacks directly, sizzling right down to your bones, making every move feel slow and awkward as you drip with sweat and struggle to finish simple tasks. Sometimes the attack is indirect, as heat wreaks havoc on your equipment that worked so well when the temperatures were cooler.

Crave a cool drink, Soldier? Well, so does your rig. Wanna sit a spell in the shade and catch your breath? That generator probably needs a break, too. Both personal and preventive maintenance are key to surviving a brutal summer.

Hot weather brings many challenges to missions and survival. Meeting those challenges demands preparation, long before you feel the beads of sweat rolling down your brow.

You’ll find that PS articles can help you prepare for the worst summer throws your way. Use PS along with the good word in your equipment TMs and you may find that one preventive maintenance tip that saves your mission—or your life.
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