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NEWS | June 6, 2023

M3/M3A1 Rifles: Only Count Effective Full Charge Rounds

BLUF: Following the firing of the M3/M3A1 rifle, enter the round count in TULSA.

M3 Multi-Role Anti-Armor Anti-Personnel Weapon System (MAAWS)
Photo by Alejandro Pena

Operators are required to keep a record of all effective full charge M3/M3A1 rifle rounds fired. Tracking was done in a paper logbook; however, is now completed on the TACOM-Unique Logistics Support Applications (TULSA) website. Operators who do not have access will need to request access to the TULSA AMC Gun Card site (you'll need your CAC to access).
After obtaining access to TULSA to log the round count, be advised the projectile list for the M3/M3A1 rifle consists of effective full charge rounds only. The sub-caliber adapter 7.62mm sub-caliber training rounds don’t get recorded in TULSA or the paper log that is issued in the box with the M3/M3A1.
Why Counting the Right Rounds Matter

The M3/M3A1 rifle’s 7.62mm sub-caliber training rounds have lower pressure than full caliber rounds and are loaded into the sub-caliber adapter. The sub-caliber adapter has its own internal barrel, the M3/M3A1 barrel isn’t affected when firing these rounds.
For more info, see the Ammunition and Ammunition Identification work packages in the M3 TM 9-1015-262-10 (Feb 19) or M3A1 TM 9-1015-263-10 (Apr 22).
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