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NEWS | May 25, 2023

Avenger: Argon Bottles Inspect and Replace Criteria

BLUF: The Avenger CRA argon bottle is good for 30-years from the manufacture’s date.

Avenger missile reload
Photo by Georgios Moumoulidis

The Avenger coolant reservoir assembly (CRA) argon bottles have inspection and replacement requirements, based on two dates annotated on each:
  1. The manufacture build date (MFD). If the MFD exceeds 30-years, it’s no longer useable and needs to be turned in.
  2. The proof pressure tested date. If it exceeds five (5) years, the argon bottle must be replaced. The end date of proof pressure test date cannot extend beyond the 30-year expiration date. In fact, during the 5-year proof pressure test, if the bottle is nearing the 30-year expiration date, it should be replaced at that time.
Argon bottle manufacture build date and proof pressure tested date 
Argon bottle manufacture build date and proof pressure tested date
Make sure you follow all cautions and warnings noted in TM 9-1430-433-10 (Jul 20) or TM 9-1430-1433-10 (Jul 20). Be careful when handling the coolant reservoir assembly because argon is a colorless, odorless inert gas that can cause dizziness and suffocation. Also, never feel for leaks because you risk frostbite or lacerations.
Finally, make sure to install the protective collar on the coolant reservoir when it’s not installed in the missile pod.
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