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NEWS | May 24, 2023

Shadow: Use Digital Instead of Dial Torque Wrench

BLUF: A digital (audible/indicating) torque wrench is preferred to the dial torque wrench for performing the Shadow caliper brake pressure test for the arresting gear.

The tail-hook of a U.S. Army RQ 7B Shadow 200 unmanned aerial vehicle snags the arresting cable as it lands.
Photo by Jamal Wilson
Mechanics, because the dial torque wrench is no longer provisioned, Maintenance Engineering Orders (MEOs) S1705A (6 Mar 23) and S1798 (8 Mar 23) authorize the use of a digital (also called audible or indicating) torque wrench to adjust the caliper brake pressure for the arresting gear on the Shadow. The digital torque wrench replaces the dial torque wrench in the TM.

MEO S1798 provides information on the correct digital torque wrenches (and their PNs) to use. MEO S1705A provides details on conducting the caliper brake pressure test for arresting gear using the digital torque wrench. The MEOs can be viewed on PS Magazine’s milSuite site HERE.
Make a note that the MEOs have detailed information and WP changes that will appear in the next change to the IETM TM 1-1550-1689-23&P, EM 0370 (Apr 24).
Got questions or need information about unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), visit the Shadow home page on the JTDI website HERE.
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