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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | May 15, 2023

M872-Series Semitrailers: Corrosion Inspections

BLUF: TACOM is reinspecting M872-series semitrailers for corrosion.

A fork lift loads a container onto aa M-872 Series 40-foot, 34-ton flatbed semitrailer
Photo by Capt. Fernando Ochoa

In 2016, TACOM inspected the M872-series semitrailers except for the M872A4 and found corrosion issues. Maintenance Information Message 23-015 advises that TACOM will reinspect the entire M872-series fleet for corrosion, to include the M872A4 model.
Units with M872-series semitrailers should expect TACOM, ground vehicle systems center (GVSC) or program management (PM) personnel to contact them to establish corrosion reinspection dates. If you have any questions, contact your LAR or get your CAC and go to the message HERE.
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