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NEWS | April 21, 2023

MEP-831A/832A TQGs: Return Correct Engines Only

BLUF: Turn in the correct 3-kW TQG Yanmar engines to CECOM.

Soldiers working on generator
Photo by Sgt. John Onuoha
Dear Editor,

Please send the following message out to units:

The 3-kW tactical quiet generators (TQGs) MEP-831A/MEP-823A are powered by Yanmar L70 diesel engines, NSN 2815- 01-660-5994 (L709 - prime) and NSN 2815- 01-465-5993 (L70AE - old).

Only the first engine, NSN 2815-01-660-5994, should be returned to CECOM for disposition. Double-check the engine type prior to disposition.

Don’t return NSN 2815- 01-465-5993 to CECOM for disposition.

The Yanmar engines look similar except NSN 2815- 01-660-5994 has an oil filler cap on top and the length of the air intake housing/air filter is oriented horizontally. The illustration below can help identify the difference in the two (2) engines. The oil filler cap is highlighted in yellow. There are other differences, but these are the most readily seen.
NSN 2815- 01-660-5994 (left side) has an oil filler cap on top highlighted in yellow
NSN 2815- 01-660-5994 (left side) has an oil filler cap on top highlighted in yellow
(right click on image and open in new tab to view larger)

Again, don’t return the engines that come with NSN 2815- 01-465-5993 to CECOM. They should go to local disposal instead.

Kimberly Taylor
Editor’s note: We’re glad to support and get the word out.
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