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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | March 22, 2023

Small Arms: Firing Range NSNs

BLUF: Here are some NSNs you’ll need when you operate the next range.

This article initially appeared in PS 762 (May 16).

It can be frustrating to arrive at the firing range only to realize you’re missing important items like targets. A few years back, Master Sergeant Ernie Hammons (Ret) from Camp Beauregard in Pineville, LA, shared this list of NSNs for everything you need at the range.
Leaders/OICs, keep a copy of this list. You’ll need it eventually, gar-on-teed (as they say in Louisiana)! 
 Item NSN
Case, weapons cleaning, with ALICE belt clip 1005-00-781-9564
Chemlights, green (for night firing) 6260-01-074-4229
Chemlights, red (for night firing) 6260-01-178-5559
Cleaners, pipe 9920-00-292-9946
Cleaning compound, rifle bore (RBC) 6850-00-224-6656
CLP, 1/2 oz bottle 9150-01-102-1473
CLP, 4 oz bottle 9150-01-079-6124
Combat lifesaver bag (complete) 6546-01-677-4906 *
Cooler, water (5 gal), orange 7330-01-449-2319 *
Cups, styrofoam 6 oz (1,000) 7350-00-721-9003
Earplug cases (20) 6515-01-100-1674
Earplugs, foam (200) 6515-00-137-6345
Fire extinguisher 4210-01-149-1356
First aid kit 6545-00-922-1200
Flag, red range 8345-00-025-3355
Flashlight filter, red 6230-00-504-8342
Flashlight filter, green 6230-00-504-8341
Glue, target adhesive 8040-00-275-8105
Green Condition Code tag DD Form 1577-2
M16/M4 improved cleaning kit 1005-01-653-9567 *
M249 front sight tool 5120-13-112-9600
Magazine, M14 1005-00-628-9048
Magazine, M16 / M4 (30 round) 1005-01-630-9508 *
Magazine, M9 1005-01-204-4376
Magazine, M17/M18 (17 round) 1005-01-665-3062 *
Magazine, M17/M18 (21 round) 1005-01-665-4553 *
Nails, 10d (1-lb box) 5315-00-753-3883
Oil, LSA (2 oz bottle) 9150-00-935-6597
Oil, LSA (4 oz bottle) 9150-00-889-3522
Pasters, black (5,000) 6920-00-165-6354
Pasters, white (5,000) 6920-00-172-3572
Rags (50-lb bundle) 7920-00-205-1711
Rod, brass (for clearing M16, M4, M249) 3439-00-244-4541
Sandbags (100) 8105-00-285-4744
Self-sealing bags, clear (quart) 8105-00-837-7755
Silhouettes, plastic 6920-00-071-4780
Staple gun 5120-00-889-1796
Staples, 3/8 in 5315-00-889-2604
Stopwatch 6645-01-106-4302
Sunblock 6505-01-121-2336
Swabs (for M240B, M9, M2) 1005-00-288-3565
Swabs, M16 cleaning 1005-00-912-4248
Tape 100 mph, 1-in 7510-00-890-9872
Tape 100 mph, 2-in 7510-00-515-0319
Tape, engineer white 8315-01-463-5853
Targets, M16A1/A2 (25 meter) 6920-01-167-1398
Targets, M16A1/A2 (15 meter) 6920-01-167-1396
Targets, M16A2 / M4 zero (25 meter) 6920-01-482-0098 *
Targets, M16A2 zero (15 meter) 6920-01-167-1393
Targets, M16A2 zero (25 meter) 6920-01-253-4005
Targets, M9 pistol 6920-01-276-6604
Toothbrush 1005-00-494-6602
Trash bags, clear (10 gal) 8105-01-195-8730
Trash bags, clear (33 gal) 8105-01-183-9768
VS17 panel, marker for helicopter landing 8345-00-174-6865

Editor’s Note: This article has been edited lightly to bring it current. NSNs with an asterisk (*) have been updated and obsolete equipment removed.
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