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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | March 15, 2023

M1-Series Tanks: Keep Safety in Mind During Mine Clearing Operations

BLUF: Follow safety precautions during mine clearing operations to prevent personnel injuries and equipment damage.
An M1A2 tank rolls through a cleared mine obstacle during a breach training exercise

Photo by Maj. Ellis Gales

Crewmen, your M1-series tank’s mine clearing blade (MCB), NSN 2590-01-230-8862, is a powerful battlefield tool. But there are some things you need to pay attention to when using the blade to keep you and your fellow Soldiers safe from being injured and prevent damage to equipment:
  • Read TM 9-2590-509-10 (Jan 22, w/Ch1, Oct 22), Operator Manual for Mine Clearing Blade, before starting any mine clearing operation.  
  • Conduct PMCS on all equipment prior to mine clearing operations. 
  • Do not start mine clearing operations within 32 feet of the edge of the minefield without both moldboards properly lowered. The plow should be at the depth that was set prior to entering the mine field.
  • Make sure the area in front of your tank is clear of personnel and equipment before starting mine clearing operations.
  • When conducting mine clearing operations under battlefield conditions, make sure all crewmen remain inside the tank with all the hatches closed and rotate the main gun tube over the right #1 road wheel. 
  • Check the depth indicators regularly to ensure both plows are plowing correctly. If either moldboard is riding on the surface, this could result in uncleared mines that could be detonated by the tank running over them.
  • Avoid plowing over ditches and depressions. The blades can skim over ditches and depressions leaving uncleared mines.
  • Watch for broken, damaged or missing moldboards during operations. If any moldboard is broken, damaged or missing while plowing, immediately stop the mission.
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