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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | March 15, 2023

Apache D/E: Gun Barrel Cleaning Done Right

BLUF:  The best way to clean the Apache’s M230 gun is to remove the barrel first before cleaning.

An AH-64 Apache helicopter’s 30mm M230 chain gun sits loaded and on standby..
Photo by 1st Lt. Aaron DeCapua
This article initially appeared in PS 738 (May 14), p. 26.

The AH-64’s M230 gun won’t be shooting straight if you’re not straight on cleaning the gun barrel. So pay attention to the cleaning procedures in TM 1-1520-LONGBOW/APACHE EM 0126 (Aug 22).
During the 14-day barrel inspection, the barrel should be removed and cleaned using CLP, NSN 9150-01-053-6688, and a small-bore cleaning brush, NSN 1005-01-220-8635.
Now, you may think you can save yourself some cleaning time by not removing the barrel but think again. If you go ahead and shove the bore brush into the barrel and then pull it out, all you’ve done is push dirt, grime, and gunk from inside the barrel further into the receiver of the gun itself, which increases the possibility of a weapon malfunction such as a misfire or jam.
Never clean the barrel while still attached to the aircraft: always remove it first
Never clean the barrel while still attached to the aircraft: always remove it first
So don’t get sloppy with maintenance. Never shove that bore brush into the barrel while it’s attached to the gun. Remove it first.
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