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NEWS | Feb. 28, 2023

MEDEVAC: Strictly Follow Aviation SOP When Using D-Lok Hoist Hook

BLUF: MEDEVAC units must follow the aviation rescue hoist SOP as stated in H-60-17-SOF-03, despite new guidance issued by the Lifesaving Systems Corporation.

Hoist training operations with MEDEVAC
Photo by Pfc. Mariah Aguilar
Mechanics, recently the Lifesaving Systems Corporation issued a note concerning its D-Lok hoist hook recommending that no more than 25 kilograms of weight be placed in the hook’s utility eye during hoist operations.

This guidance contradicts the hoist rider attachment procedures and safety requirements found in the US Army aviation rescue hoist standard operating procedures (SOP), as stated in H-60-17-SOF-03 for the MEDEVAC helicopter.
PD MEDEVAC wants units to continue to observe the SOP. The rationale is provided HERE.
To view the safety of flight (SOF) message, click HERE
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