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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | Feb. 27, 2023

120M Road Grader: Drain Out the Water

BLUF: Drain out water from the vehicle’s fuel/water separator to avoid engine troubles.

120M Grader
Photo by Capt. Ramah Knox

In some environments, temperatures will go up during the day and drop at night. In northern climates, there can be a change of 30 or more degrees in just one day.
Changes in temperature create condensation in your 120M road grader’s fuel tank. The vehicle’s fuel/water separator is designed to get rid of excess water.
If you don’t drain the separator before the day’s run, water and other crud are left behind in the fuel system. Too much water and crud can cause an engine to run rough...or not at all. Do your part to prevent this from happening. During PMCS, turn the fuel/water separator’s drain-cock counterclockwise and use a clear container to catch the water/fuel mixture.

Turn drain-cock correctly to open
Turn drain-cock correctly to open

Once the fuel runs clear, close the valve, and go about the day’s work. If it stays cloudy, close the valve and have your mechanic check things out.
Clean up any mess and dispose of rags properly. Then dispose of drained fuel in an approved hazardous waste container. Never dump it down a drain or on the ground.
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