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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | Feb. 7, 2023

AGSE: TMs for Aviation Ground Support Equipment

BLUF:  Here’s a list of aviation ground support equipment (AGSE) TMs and how to access them.

Soldiers discussing AGPU maintenance.
Photo by Staff Sgt. Thomas Mort
Mechanics, taking care of your aviation ground support equipment (AGSE) is a must, and the place to start is with AGSE TMs. Here’s a list of all current AGSE TMs, along with a TB:
Nomenclature Technical Publication
Aviation ground power unit (AGPU) TM 1-1730-229-13 (Jan 17)
Aviation ground power unit (AGPU) TM 1-1730-229-24P (Jan 16)
Generic aircraft nitrogen generator (GANG) TM 1-3655-245-13&P (Mar 13)
Self-propelled crane aircraft maintenance and positioning, increment II TM 9-3810-365-13&P (Feb 22)
Aviation light utility mobile maintenance cart (ALUMMC) TM 1-1740-213-13&P (Feb 16)
Shop equipment contact maintenance system TM 1-4920-924-13&P (Oct 12)
Standard aircraft towing system (SATS) TM 1-1740-221-13&P (Feb 15)
Aviation vibration analyzer (AVA) TM 1-6625-724-13&P (Feb 15)
Pitot and static test set (PSTS) TM 1-4920-910-14&P (Apr 13)
Unit maintenance aerial recovery kit (UMARK) TM 1-1670-261-23&P (Jun 16)
Aircraft tow bar assembly TM 1-1730-225-23P (Apr 09)
Aircraft adjustable maintenance platform, Type B-4 TM 1-1730-215-13&P (Mar 10)
AVIM tool crib shop TM 1-4920-441-13&P (Oct 13)
AVIM sheet metal shop TM 1-4920-435-13&P (Oct 13)
AVIM composite shop   TM 1-4920-445-13&P (Dec 13)
AVIM non-destructive inspection shop TM 1-4920-444-13&P (May 13)
AVIM production/quality control shop TM 1-4920-440-13&P (Aug 13)
AVIM power train shop TM 1-4920-438-13&P (Sep 13)
AVIM pneudraulic shop TM 1-4920-433-13&P (Oct 13)
AVIM machine and welding shop   TM 1-4920-434-13&P (Dec 12)
AVIM armament and electrical shop   TM 1-4920-500-13&P (Sep 16)
AVIM engine shop TM 1-4920-436-13&P (Oct 13)
Inspection and repair of aviation ground support equipment TB 1-4920-445-20-1 (Jun 04)

To view and download any TM of interest, proceed to the LDAC ETM/IETM website, select the ETM/IETM button and enter the site. In the Search Type dropdown menu, select Pub Number and then type in or copy and paste into the Search Criteria box the TM number from the table above and press Search.
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