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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | Feb. 6, 2023

Patriot: Stow the Antenna Shroud by the Book

BLUF: Follow the TM when stowing the antenna shroud to prevent the SLC access covers from being damaged.

Patriot radar system
Photo by Adan Cazarez

Dear Editor,

Here at Letterkenny Army Depot (LEAD), we see radar sets arriving from the field with damage to the sidelobe canceler (SLC) access covers (A6 &A7). This is because some Patriot radar crew members are incorrectly stowing the antenna shroud. Soldiers aren’t following the steps for stowing the antenna shroud as stated in WP 6193 or WP 6194 of TM-9-1430-1600-14&P (Sep 21). Excess shroud material isn’t being pushed toward the middle of the shroud.
A damaged SLC access cover can allow foreign object damage (FOD) to occur which can lead to electrical arcing and repairs that only depot can perform. A damaged SLC cover will also allow moisture into the main array (radar), which can result in corroded electronic components and preventable faults.
Damaged SLC access covers
Damaged SLC access covers
Damage can be prevented by using care when stowing the antenna shroud. That means not letting the material bunch up around the frame and antenna and making sure to fold the excess material and tuck it toward the middle of the shroud. These actions will help prevent cracks in the SLC access cover welds. Soldiers should also make sure they only push the shroud frame.
Push only the antenna shroud frame
Push only the antenna shroud frame
CW3 Joshua G. Morris
Letterkenny Army Depot
Editor’s note: Good point, Chief Morris.

Patriot crew members, make sure you follow the TM and prevent damage to your system. Also, pay attention to all cautions and warnings.
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