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NEWS | Feb. 2, 2023

FMTV: Updated Flex Plate Bolt Torque

BLUF: TACOM has revised the flex plate bolts’ torque to 46-54 lb-ft.   

Soldiers of the 1st Multi-Domain Task Force with their FMTV
Photo by Sgt. Joshua Oh
Dear Editor,
I’m a CS/CSS LAR. While replacing an engine and transmission for an FMTV A1P2, an error was discovered in TM 9-2320-333-23&P (IETM EM 0372, Jun 19) regarding the torque of the six (6) flex plate bolts.
The same torque specifications are given for the FMTV A1 in TM 9-2320-391-23&P (IETM EM 0369, Oct 17) which are incorrect as well. TACOM is aware of the incorrect torque info for the flex plate bolts and will correct the IETMs to show 46-54 lb-ft. Here’s an excerpt from the revised FMTV A1P2 IETM:

Updated FMTV A1P2 TM will show correct torque for six (6) flex plate bolts
Updated FMTV A1P2 TM will show correct torque for six (6) flex plate bolts

Units with FMTVs will need to jot this info down until TM 9-2320-333-23&P (IETM EM 0372, Jun 19) is revised.
Robert Engstrom
Ft Drum, NY

Editor’s note: Great info, Robert!
Incorrect torque can damage equipment and cause unnecessary downtime and costs. Also, TACOM advises that there probably won’t be another revision to the FMTV A1 TM 9-2320-391-23&P (IETM EM 0369, Oct 17) because the A1P2 is replacing the A1 in the near future, so units with the A1 should also take note of the updated torque specs.
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