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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | Jan. 19, 2023

H2F: ATP Guide Gives Guidance

BLUF: ATP 7-22.02 is the H2F guide to physical fitness and readiness.

H2F training
Photo by Sgt. Owen Thez
ATP 7.22.02, Holistic Health and Fitness Drills and Exercises (Oct 20), is the how-to guide for exercises and drills with the goal of achieving physical fitness at the individual level. Physical fitness is a cornerstone of Soldier readiness and, by extension, Army readiness. Physical readiness is the ability to meet the physical demands of any duty or combat role.

The exercises and drills in the holistic health and fitness (H2F) system are standardized so that no matter where they train, Soldiers can quickly understand the exercises and perform them safely.

The ATP details exercises and drills with photos. Chapter 17 covers PMCS drills for the entire body, including ankles and spines. It's a reminder that PMCS doesn't apply only to equipment.

View or download a PDF version of ATP 7.22.02 HERE.
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