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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | Jan. 13, 2023

Combat Vehicles Year-in-Review: New and Updated NSNs Captured in 2022

BLUF: Here’s a list of new or updated NSNs that PS captured in 2022 for combat vehicles.
Here’s a list of new or updated NSNs that PS captured in 2022 for combat vehicles.
Courtesy photo
Here are new and updated NSNs that PS captured in 2022. While this is a complete list of what we reported over the past calendar year, it’s probably not a complete list of all new, updated or rescinded NSNs. Why’s that?
That’s because PS must be aware of new or updated NSNs. Sometimes we get notified by a command like TACOM, CECOM, DEVCOM, etc. Sometimes we’re informed of an NSN change by an equipment specialist or LAR and asked to publish the change.
More often, it’s our readers that notice an incorrect NSN in a TM or try to order a part and discover that the NSN they’re using is no longer valid and they reach out to PS. After some investigation on our part, we find the correct NSN and inform the reader. Normally, an article is published to inform the field of the new or updated NSN. This means we need your continual support.
Remember, if a piece of equipment does not have an NSN and yet you need to order it, fill out a DD Form 1348-6 to order by part number. This creates demand in the supply system and ultimately an NSN will get assigned to the part because of demand.
 New or updated NSNs captured for combat vehicles in 2022
(clicking on NSNs or items in blue hyperlinks to related article)

M113A3 FOV Ceramic Exhaust Components
Part  NSN
Metal tube assembly (short curved pipe) 4710-01-492-5972
Turbo supercharger 2990-01-480-3847
Manifolds (2 per engine) 4730-01-492-5996
Connector, exhaust pipe 4730-01-494-4991
Metal tube assembly (long pipe) 4710-01-492-5970
M113A3 FOV Periscope Stowage Box Pin Replacement
Part  NSN
Cotter pin 5315-00-839-2326
Flat washer 5310-00-081-4219
Spring 5360-00-776-1546
Hook 5340-00-932-4989
M1A2 SEPv3 Tank Turret Lifting Kit
Part  NSN
Lifting kit 2590-01-692-8605
5 bolt center eye link 4933-01-692-8220

M1-Series Tanks Cannon Tube Cleaning
Part  NSN
Cleaner, lubricant and preservative (CLP) 9150-01-327-9631
Bore brush 1015-01-209-3483
Chamber brush 1015-01-511-7872
Rammer staff 1015-00-699-0633
M88A2 Recovery Vehicle Semi-Annual Service Kit
Part  NSN
Semi-annual service kit 4910-01-698-9195
Mechanic’s side transmission filter kit 4330-01-690-4514

Bradley FOV Towing Shackle Anchors/Lead Acid Turret Battery
Part  NSN
Towing shackle anchor 4030-01-187-0964
4HN 24V battery4HN 24V battery 6140-01-390-1968

M109A7/M992A3 Paladin/Ammo Carrier
Cooling System Plenum Assembly
Part  NSN
Quick-disconnect (QD) coupler 4730-01-657-6292
Manifold 2590-01-652-4858
QD coupler O-ring 5331-01-006-9048
Ground hop kit 6110-01-659-0185

M1070A1 HET 5th Wheel Assembly
Part NSN
5th wheel assembly 2510-01-599-8628

Heavy Assault Scissoring Bridge (HASB) Grease
Part NSN
MIL-G-21164 (14 oz 9150-00-935-4018
MIL-G-21164 (1.7 pounds) 9150-00-754-2595
MIL-G-21164 (6.5 pounds)  9150-00-223-4004
MIL-G-21164 (35 pounds) 9150-00-965-2003
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