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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | Jan. 11, 2023

Packaging: New COSIS Approach

BLUF: A new approach to the Care of Items in Storage (COSIS) aims to help you take better care of stored items.

 Palletized Load System A1 Series Vehicle Long Term Armor Strategy Armor B-Kit
Photo by Jon Connor
Temperature, humidity, handling and even electrostatic shock are factors that can degrade the serviceability of stored items over time. Currently, items are inspected in accordance with AR 740-3, Stock Readiness. This guidance is effective when items are stored correctly in uncompromised packaging, but the storage timetable doesn’t account for finding items that are hypersensitive to the elements, stored in inadequate or compromised packaging or in less-than-ideal storage conditions.
COSIS can slow or stop environmental effects on stored equipment. The new COSIS approach accounts for the real-time effect of the environment. It’s based on the sensitivity of items and whether they are stored correctly.
This story is the first in a series of articles that will explain more about Method of Preservation (MOP) 50, electrostatic discharge, non-extendable and extendable shelf-life items, hazardous materials and items stored outside that should be stored inside. These areas make up the COSIS Priority Groups (CPGs) identified by the Army Sustainment Command's Packaging, Storage, and Containerization Center (PSCC).

As a start, easily identify these CPGs by running an on-hand inventory in AESIP using the Army Packaging tab to figure out which items should be selected first for inspection. That’ll help you find critical errors sooner. 
The next article in this series covers COSIS MOP 50.

If you have questions about COSIS or CPGs as this series unfolds, submit them here:
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