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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | Dec. 21, 2022

M2A1 Machine Gun: Enroll Wear Limit Gage in TMDE

BLUF: Make sure the M2A1 wear limit gage is enrolled in the TMDE program.

The M2A1 machine gun has fixed headspace and timing (HS&T). That means the Soldier in the field doesn’t have to verify or set HS&T prior to firing, or after barrel changes. However, the armorer must verify HS&T before issuing the M2A1 machine gun from the arms room, and when the weapon is turned back in.

For more information, see: M2A1 Machine Gun: Confirm Your Weapon Was Gaged Prior to Firing.
Before the HS&T verification can be completed, armorers must check and see if the wear limit gage has been calibrated. According to TB 43-180 (Aug 22) the wear limit gage, PN 13027994, needs to be enrolled in the TMDE program and calibrated every 360 days.
If the wear limit gage is not calibrated, the armorer may get the wrong reading and issue a weapon that is out of tolerance. This could cause weapon malfunctions, damage the weapon or potentially injure a Soldier.
Units should also have at least two wear limit gages on hand that are scheduled to be calibrated at different times of the year so that their armorer is never left without a gage while the other is out getting calibrated.
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