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NEWS | Dec. 12, 2022

FMTV: Don't Drill Drain Holes in Headlight Rings

BLUF: You can drill drain holes for HMMWVs headlight rings but not for FMTVs.

Photo by Maj. Brandon Mace

This article initially appeared in PS 793, p. 12 (Dec 18).    

Dear Half-Mast,
My final inspector always complains that no water drain holes are drilled in the headlight rings of the FMTV-series vehicles that we service. He says it helps prevent corrosion.
I found an old PS Magazine article from 1996 showing how to drill holes in the headlight rings of HMMWVs to prevent corrosion, but it didn’t say to do this in any other vehicles.
Are we supposed to be drilling holes in FMTV headlight rings just like in HMMWVs? Is that still the practice for HMMWVs?

Mr. J.H.

Dear Sir,
Wow, you really did your research to find an article from 1996!
No holes should be drilled in FMTV headlight retaining rings. They don’t have the same water retention issues as HMMWVs.
Drill 9/16” in drain hole in HMMWV headlight rings, but not FMTV
Drill 9/16” in drain hole in
HMMWV headlight rings, but not FMTV

But it’s still acceptable to drill a 9/16” in hole in HMMWV headlight retaining rings to allow water drainage and prevent corrosion.

Note: Title updated from the original.
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