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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | Dec. 8, 2022

Containerized Kitchen: Safety Tips for CK Operation

BLUF: These important safety tips for containerized kitchens will help keep Soldiers/cooks safe.

CK expanded view line art
Courtesy photo
Soldiers, listen up! If you’re using the containerized kitchen (CK), you need to be aware of how to stay safe while using it. The CK uses the modern burner unit (MBU) to make heat to cook with.

The MBU is just that—a burner. It burns fuel and creates gases that can be dangerous to cooks and other CK users.
MBU configurations
MBU configurations
More MBU configurations
More MBU configurations

Here are some tips for safe CK operation:
  • Make sure the flues from the oven and the tray pack heater tank are operational and not leaking.
  • Make sure the flue for the generator is attached and not damaged or broken.
  • Keep the doors from the kitchen to the mechanical room closed, but make sure the rear doors of the CK are open when in use. This keeps it safe for any prep work and cooking in the CK, while keeping out generator exhaust.
  • Ensure the exhaust fan located in the mechanical room is functioning. It must pull heat, steam and burner exhaust out through the hood.
  • Make sure to attach the duct to the exhaust fan enclosure.
If you have CK parts that are missing or broken, NSNs for parts can be found in TM 10-7360-226-23P (Oct 18). CK operator instructions on how to set up everything correctly and work safely can be found in TM 10-7360-226-10 (Oct 18).

If you don’t know how something works or think it’s not working correctly, ask a CK expert or a logistics assistance representative (LAR) for assistance. Don’t guess solutions to problems because that can lead to safety issues. Order the parts you need and follow-up to make sure the parts come in and are installed, and you’ll keep your CK ready to go.

TACOM’s Ground Precautionary Action (GPA) message 18-011 gives a complete description of the problems that can come from using the MBU in a semi-enclosed space like the CK. With CAC in hand, view the GPA HERE.
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