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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | Nov. 23, 2022

MFS TRM M107A1: Draining and Flushing Durasoil®

BLUF: Some M107A1s may have residual testing fluid in them that can cause fuel samples to fail thermal stability. Immediate corrective action is required per TACOM MAM.

Michigan National Guard members maintain a modular fuel system tank rack module
Photo by Staff Sgt. Jacob Cessna

Some fuel samples taken from M107A1 modular fuel system (MFS) tank rack modules (TRMs) have shown traces of residual testing fluid (Durasoil®).
Durasoil® is a synthetic, non-petroleum, dust suppression fluid made from natural gas. During the manufacture of some M107A1s, Durasoil® was used in production testing instead of fuel. The residue can cause fuel samples to fail thermal stability.
Not all M107A1s are affected. You’ll need to check the impacted serial numbers in TACOM maintenance action message (MAM) 22-044* to verify whether your unit has any of the affected M107A1s. Have your CAC handy and click HERE to access the message.
If you do have affected equipment, contact your AMC LAR. That’s because you’ll need to perform the draining, flushing and recirculation procedures attached in the message. Read through the procedures carefully and be sure to follow the specified guidance for your equipment.

Updated on 5 Dec 2022: Unit Training Assistance Program (UTAP) has video of the draining, flushing and recirculation procedures (requires CAC).
*NOTE: The actions in the MAM were to be completed by affected units by 24 Dec 2022. Units that have not yet complied need to take immediate action.
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