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NEWS | Nov. 22, 2022

PMCS: Good PM Takes More Than Just the TM

BLUF: Good PMCS involves using not just the -10 TM but all your senses, too!

This article initially appeared in PS 774 (May 17), p. 1.
Following the PMCS tables in the TMs is a given. But you also need to use your eyes, ears, nose and hands to uncover problems that could deadline your vehicle!
Use your eyes, ears, nose and hands to uncover problems
  • Catches, locks and hinges should operate smoothly. Look for metal fatigue, wear and other damage. Listen for squeals that indicate rust.
  • Check bolts, clamps, nuts and screws regularly for looseness. Chipped paint, bare metal or rust around the heads can indicate loose fasteners.
  • A failing weld point may show movement, gaps, corrosion or flaked or missing paint.
  • Look for broken, worn or cut electrical connections and cables.
  • Check out hose fittings, clamps and the hose itself for abrasions, seepage or leaks. Feel for leaks in areas you can't see. Some fluids have a distinct odor, so use your nose, too.      
Doing a complete PMCS will keep your vehicle mission ready and safe!
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