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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | Sept. 28, 2022

All Aircraft: Make Safety an Imperative

BLUF: Aircraft maintenance succeeds when safety is an integral part of the mission. 

Chinooks flying and focusing on safety concerns
Photo by Staff Sgt. Roberto Di Giovine
This article initially appeared in PS 788 (Jul 18)

Making safety a vital part maintenance is a win-win for everyone. It begins by developing a culture of safety in your unit where loss prevention is instinctive as Soldiers work. Even better it can carry over to off-duty activities. 

Safety should never compete against the primary mission. Instead, it should be an integral part of the mission. After all, everything the Army asks Soldiers to do has a risk of injury, whether it's vehicle maintenance or jumping out of an aircraft. Priorities shift due to competing mission demands. So make safety an imperative rather than a priority. This keeps safety from taking a back seat because something else seems more important. 

Nothing should be more important than safety when it comes to a Soldier's life?

Make safety a part of everything you do. It's the only way to keep safety from becoming an afterthought. 
Make safety a vital part of maintenance operations
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