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NEWS | Sept. 26, 2022

Patriot Missile System: Use Shipping Reservoir When Shipping a CLET

BLUF: When you replace a Cooling Liquid Electron Tube (CLET), take the shipping reservoir from the replacement CLET, put it on the failed CLET and return the CLET to the depot for repair.
  Dear Editor,

Some Patriot maintenance teams are forgetting an important step when replacing the Cooling Liquid Electron Tube (CLET). WP 6468 of TM 9-1430-1600-14&P (Sep 21) says to remove the shipping reservoir (also known as bellows) from the replacement CLET and put it on the failed CLET. This is an important step because the shipping reservoir prevents damage to the CLET during shipping and storage.
Use shipping reservoir (bellows) to return failed CLET
Use shipping reservoir (bellows) to return failed CLET
Shipping the CLET to the depot without the shipping reservoir also has a negative impact on the supply system. The depot uses the shipping reservoir on the failed CLET to return the repaired CLET to the supply system.

CW3 Joshua Morris
Letterkenny Army Depot

Editor’s noteGood point, Chief Morris.

Soldiers, always return the shipping reservoir (also known as bellows) with the CLET to keep the CLET from being damaged and the supply chain moving.
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