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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | Sept. 23, 2022

M88-Series Recovery Vehicles: Don’t Spare PM for Spare Roadwheel

BLUF: Preventive maintenance keeps spare roadwheel free of rust and corrosion.
Mechanics, you might not pay a lot of attention to the spare roadwheel hanging on the side of your M88-series recovery vehicle. But that’s a mistake because if you don’t take care of it, that spare won’t be there when you need it most.
Regular PM keeps spare roadwheel rust free
Regular PM keeps spare roadwheel rust free

The spare roadwheel is bolted to the side of the vehicle at an angle, leaving it exposed to rain and wash water. Water then pools in the bottom of the roadwheel until it evaporates. Standing water can cause the bottom of the roadwheel to develop severe rust. And the lug nuts can rust in place on the mounting bolts. Then the bolts can snap when you try to remove the nuts.
But just a little elbow grease will make sure your M88’s spare roadwheel is rust and corrosion free. Use a little antiseize compound on the lug nuts and bolts when mounting the roadwheel. That’ll prevent rust and make the nuts easier to remove later. Get a 4-oz tube of antiseize compound with NSN 8030-00-059-2761.
Take a few minutes to soak up the pool of water in the bottom of the roadwheel with rags after it rains or you’ve washed your vehicle. That’ll keep the rust at bay and the spare roadwheel ready for action.
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