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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | Sept. 9, 2022

I Own This: August 2022 Nominees

PS Magazine’s I Own This campaign is designed to recognize Soldiers and Marines who exemplify the highest standards of care for their assigned vehicles and equipment and contribute in meaningful ways to their unit's overall maintenance and supply posture. In short, they live and breathe readiness.

This month, we had six Warfighters nominated for this program. All are deserving of this recognition. One was selected at random to get the spotlight placed on them. For August 2022, that Warfighter is SFC Allen W. Kean, D Company, 1-135th Assault Helicopter Battalion, Missouri ARNG, Whiteman AFB, MO.
Spotlight Profile

SFC Kean, 1-135th AHB, MO ARNG
SFC Allen W. Kean
US Army/National Guard
QC NCOIC/ Phase Team Leader 
D Company, 1-135th Assault Helicopter Battalion (AHB), Whiteman AFB, MO
Nominated by: CW3 Ryan Coday

How you came to know/observe the nominee's actions? As the preventive maintenance inspection (PMI) team supervisor and maintenance test pilot (MTP) for the 1-135th, I continually observe the daily actions of SFC Kean. I have been an active aircraft maintainer as an enlisted Soldier and MTP warrant for over 23 years. I rate SFC Kean as one of the top two maintainers I have ever worked with in my entire career. His dedication to training and mission accomplishment are unparalleled.

Why does this individual deserve recognition? SFC Kean is the phase team leader, coordinating every single PMI for the Army Aviation Support Facility #1 in support of the 1-135th AHB. The flight facility runs two PMIs simultaneously at any given time and SFC Kean leads two teams of five personnel, comprised of both mechanics and avionics technicians. SFC Kean has single-handedly created a six-week PMI schedule that, when strictly adhered to and parts are available, has completed the highest quality of fully mission capable (FMC) aircraft for the unit in a safe and timely manner. As the quality control NCOIC, SFC Kean has a very high standard for the quality of work his team is releasing back to the flight companies. His team has completed six PMI 1/2's this year and two external PMI's from another unit. The continual success and high standards of each PMI has allowed the unit to complete 1905 safely executed flight hours for the AHB.

Additional Comments: Under SFC Kean' leadership, the phase team has completed at least one PMI inspection on every one of the 16 UH-60L/Ms owned by the unit. While deployed within CONUS, SFC Kean was hand-selected to serve as the D Company maintenance NCOIC. That company, led by SFC Kean, completed every PMI for the Army Aviation Brigade (TAAB) and for A Co 1-135th AHB. SFC Kean performs dual roles as the Quality Control NCOIC and Phase team leader. His continued efforts have created a unit with sustained overall exemplary maintenance practices and highly skilled maintainers. He’s strived to implement and continuously improve the aviation maintenance training program by influencing every individual, enabling the company to successfully create the kind of maintainers the Army needs.
Also Nominated...
Soldier's Name: SPC Kade Haidle
Unit: A Company, 1-163rd Combined Arms Battalion, Billings, MT
Position/Title: Driver
Component: USA/National Guard (Deployed)
NSN or End Item: M2A3 Bradley
Nominated By: SFC Quinn Bassett
Justification:  I am the company master gunner and SPC Haidle is my driver. We are currently deployed and he's responsible for the commander's and my vehicle. He's consistently PMCS'ing our Bradley. He ensures it is FMC at all times and ready to respond to anything that arises. He has driven over 10,000 kilometers so far on over 65 patrols. He teaches the new drivers proper maintenance procedures. He's changed over 400 track pads so far. He maintains all the radios and EW equipment on the vehicle. He works closely with the mechanics to identify anything that doesn't smell, feel or sound right, not only on his Bradley, but others as well. He helps the maintainers with any work that needs to be done to our vehicle and took it upon himself to teach the company the details of the upgraded track and suspension.
Soldier's Name: SGT Erick Morales 
Unit: Charlie Battery, 3d Battalion, 4th Air Defense Artillery Regiment, Ft. Bragg, NC
Position/Title: Motor Sergeant
Component: USA/Active
NSN or End Item: M1076 HEMMT
Nominated By: CPT Oren M Rosen
Justification: SGT Morales is serving as my battery motor sergeant and I observe him daily. He's been performing as the battery motor sergeant for nearly 12 months. Currently deployed, he takes exceptional pride in running the conventional maintenance section of the unit, in addition to lending support to the specialized Patriot maintenance section that is also part of the unit. He leads from the front and consistently shows a high level of technical expertise. He's a gifted teacher who looks for opportunities to pass his knowledge on to his Soldiers. He is a true professional that is dedicated to his craft as a maintainer.      
Soldier's Name: SPC Martin Morford         
Unit: Headquarters & Headquarters Battery, 11th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, Ft. Bliss, TX
Position/Title: BDE Fueler
Component: USA/Active
NSN or End Item: NSN 2320-01-534-1117
Nominated By: SGT Brian Myers
Justification: I am SPC Morford's motor sergeant. Every Monday, without hesitation, he goes out to his fueler and thoroughly inspects, PMCSes, and fixes -10 level maintenance parts on his own, without any guidance. He's also in the process of making a fuel inspection program for the BDE. He always comes in with a can-do attitude and is willing to be cross trained. He was recognized for his attention to safety, is spectacular at his MOS and works diligently to accomplish any mission that arises in or outside the scope of his duties.
Soldier's Name: LCpl Gerardo Ordonez       
Unit: Weapons and Field Training Battalion, MCRD San Diego, Camp Pendleton, CA
Position/Title: Small Arms Repairer/Technician
Component: USMC/Active
NSN or End Item: M16A4 Service Rifle
Nominated By: CW2 Shawn Daley
Justification: As the maintenance management officer for Weapons and Field Training Battalion, I oversee all maintenance-related tasks and functions. I have observed LCpl Ordonez’s initiative on countless occasions, improving equipment readiness. LCpl Ordonez continuously thinks outside the box on how to accomplish his tasks more efficiently while still staying in compliance with the applicable technical manuals, rules, and regulations. LCPL Ordonez applied the command discretionary additional authorized parts, the collapsible buttstock conversion kit, to the M16A4 service rifle. This conversion allows recruits that need a shorter length of pull to get quick sight acquisition, have better control, better accuracy, and feel more comfortable. The unit increased the quantity of M16A4s by 100 to better support recruit training. LCPL Ordonez is quickly becoming a subject matter expert in his MOS. If Marines in other sections within the armory require assistance, he is the first to offer his help without hesitation.      

LCpl Gerardo Ordonez, USMC

Soldier's Name: SPC Gabriel Pulido       
Unit: G Company, 1-68 Armor Regiment, 3-4 Infantry Division
Position/Title: Heavy Vehicle Driver 
Component: USA/Active
NSN or End Item: M1152A1 HMMWV
Nominated By: SFC Vanessa R. Carrillo
Justification:  As SPC Pulido's platoon sergeant, I've noticed how his vehicle is consistently fully mission capable and always ready to roll on a moment's notice. His vehicle has fully operational communication devices that he helped to install. He fills his comm devices and programs his JBC-P in his vehicle every week. SPC Pulido's M1152A1 is by far one of the best maintained in the battalion. He ensures any issues or deficiencies are appropriately addressed in a timely manner while assisting others in his platoon with their equipment. He is a multi-functional Soldier with excellent knowledge in his MOS.        
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