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NEWS | Aug. 29, 2022

Fuels: FTL Gives Above-Ground Tank Guidance

BLUF: Fuels Technical Letter 22-03 covers Self-Contained Above Ground Tanks accountability and quality surveillance.

Self-Contained Above Ground Tank
Courtesy photo

Fuels Technical Letter (FTL) 22-03, Technical Guidance for Self-Contained Above Ground Tanks (SCATs) (Aug 22), has been released.
SCATs are used by Army personnel around the globe, often in harsh locations. However, there’s some confusion about SCAT regulations and procedures. FTL 22-03 clarifies issues and adds references, instructions and details. Accountability and quality surveillance are covered in this letter.

You can find it, along with other FTLs, on the Army Petroleum website HERE.

Two examples from FTL 22-03 are shown below:

  • When proper meter calibration is not possible, you must perform validation every six (6) months.
Quality Surveillance
  • Quality surveillance should be performed on the fuel contained within the SCAT tank and on the fuel issuing equipment in the same fashion as every other fuel storage equipment per FTL 22-01. Find this FTL and others at the URL given above.
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