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NEWS | July 27, 2022

M200A1 Trailer: Testing Handbrakes

M200A1 Trailers
Photo by Dee Crawford

Maintainers, TACOM is aware that procedures for testing the handbrakes on the M200A1 trailer aren’t in TM 9-2320-205-13&P (Sep 14). Until the TM is updated, use MIL DTL-45150N (Jun 15).
For roadside and curbside handbrake testing, use the guidance outlined under Para Parking brake in MIL DTL-45150N (Jun 15). Also see paragraphs Examination and Parking brake.  Keep in mind that the reference doesn’t specifically state handbrake testing, but the instructions still apply.
Testing Handbrakes:
To test the roadside and curbside handbrakes, couple the trailer with a basic payload to the prime mover and then perform the following steps:
  • Park the prime mover and coupled trailer on a 20 percent grade, uphill or downhill.
  • Apply the roadside and curbside handbrakes.
  • Uncouple the prime mover and trailer and move the prime mover to allow clearance between the pintle and lunette. That way you’ll give the trailer some space to safely move. The reason don’t want the trailer to move, but you still need to have some space so you can verify if it moves or not.    
If the trailer moves, that means the handbrakes have failed and you’ll need a mechanic to fix them.
Get a copy of MIL-DTL-45150N (Jun 15) from the ASSIST site HERE.
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