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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | July 26, 2022

Safety: Motor Pool Pointers

BLUF: Make safety a priority in your unit

Whether you’re working in a maintenance tent or motor pool, alone or with others, remember: safety is key!

A unit safety program reduces costs and time lost due to preventable injuries, accidents or equipment damage. Take a look from our archives at our top tips for motor pool safety HERE.

For more safety info, be sure to check out the US Army Combat Readiness Center’s website HERE.
The Joint Risk Assessment Tool (JRAT) can also assist users in identifying, assessing and controlling hazards for missions or tasks related to maintenance operations. Visit it HERE.
Finally, some helpful pubs to review include AR 385-10, The Army Safety and Occupational Program (Jul 23) HERE and ATP 5-19, Risk Management (Nov 21) HERE.
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