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NEWS | June 27, 2022

M17/M18 MHS: Takedown Safety Lever Position Matters

Some operators and maintainers treat M17 and M18 pistols like an M9 pistol. When reassembling the M9, you would simply pull the slide back, rotate the takedown lever and the pistol was good to go.

With the M17 and M18, it’s not that simple. If the slide isn’t locked to the rear, the takedown safety lever will block the magazine well and stop you from loading a magazine.

Here’s how it should work:
  1. During disassembly, rotate the takedown lever clockwise. This pushes the takedown safety lever to the rear, covering the magazine well slightly.
  2. During reassembly, lock the slide to the rear, then rotate the takedown lever counterclockwise. This releases the takedown safety lever to its original position.
Slide was locked to the rear
Slide was locked to the rear
Slide was not locked to the rear
Slide was not locked to the rear
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