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NEWS | June 14, 2022

All Aircraft: Be Mindful During Ground Handling Operations

Alaka Army Natiolal Guard CH-47 Chinook helicopter is towed into a hangar.
Photo by Maj. Chelsea Aspelund
Mechanics, ground support mishaps shouldn’t happen if you’re doing things by the book—that is by applicable maintenance manuals and TM 1-1500-204-23-1 (Jul 92).

Guesswork or shortcuts should never be part of towing an aircraft. It leads to accidents and unscheduled maintenance. Page 13 of Flightfax 5 (Apr 22) has some great info on ground movements, proper aircraft towing, pushing aircraft and what’s needed to qualify as a towing operator. Read it to avoid millions of dollars in damage and an aircraft that’s non-mission capable because it needs repairs. Check out the Flightfax article HERE.

Update as of 8/4/2022
For an even more extensive discussion of ground handling and servicing operations, see this more recent Flightfax article on the topic HERE.
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